We are a Veteran Owned Business

My wife Lina and I have been married for 18 years, During our year’s together I have been very fortunate to experience her vast knowledge in food. Raised in New York City, in Yorkville, her early food influences were the neighborhood's Polish, Hungarian, Greek and Italian diners. After moving back to Colombia in her mid-teens, then learned to cook from her Grandmother the staples of a Colombian diet.  During her college years she had a roommate from Syria whom she became very close to her family and learned how to cook middle eastern food really well. More recently, at her job she has an executive chef that she has learned tremendously from, polishing her skills as a saucier or sauté chef.  


My family has a rich food history too. We are descendants of the early settlers that came to Texas on their Chuck Wagons, and that invented the concept of the original Food Truck. The youngest memory I have about food, I was 2. My uncles competing amongst themselves to see who won best Brisket. BBQ was a way of life and learning how to cook Beef was a rite of passage. Between my Aunts and the ladies, it was who takes the title for most outstanding Pie. These are traditions we still practice to this day.


Since living in Miami our taste in food has really matured. With the Cuban, Caribbean and Asian influence being so prevalent it is unavoidable. We have perfected some dishes like the Cuban Pork Shoulder and my famous Conch Fritters. With my Texas background and my wife the Yankee, we have been raising the culinary bar ever since. She loves to cook, and I love to eat. How perfect can this be? Which brings me to how we started Red River Spices. Since cooking was a shared passion, one day the lightbulb went off. We decided to create some spice blends that we use regularly and came up with (6) essential blends.  Today we have (6) more a total of (12) which round out the necessary blends to achieve our signature dishes. Our small homegrown garage business has allowed us to do what we love and make a little side money.


We hope you get enthused about our blends which are all natural and have NO preservatives and support this local budding business.

Don’t be intimidated or afraid to try something new! Try one or all of our spices today!


Kevin S. Crowder

Founder /Owner