Celebrate National Texas Day with a Taste of Tradition: Steak

As we gear up today to celebrate National Texas Day, let’s delve into the heart of what makes the Lone Star State truly unique – its rich history, fierce independence, and, of course, its unparalleled steak culture.

Texas isn’t just a state; it’s a state of mind, where the spirit of the Alamo still echoes, reminding us of the bravery and independence Texans have always shown. This National Texas Day, we’re not just honoring a place on the map; we’re celebrating a legacy of strength and freedom that’s as big as Texas itself.

And what better way to celebrate this day than with a quintessential Texas tradition – a perfectly seasoned, mouth-watering steak. Steak in Texas is not just food; it’s a cultural icon, rooted in the days of cattle drives and cowboys, the culture on which Goodnight’s Red River Spice Company is rooted in. It represents the ruggedness and bounty of this great state.

That’s where our Famous Steak seasoning comes in. Inspired by the legendary Texas cattle trails, our seasoning is a tribute to those early cowboys who drove their herds along the Red River. Our blend of spices captures the bold flavors of Texas, making it the perfect addition to your steak this National Texas Day.

Grilling steak is an art, and with Goodnight’s Red River Famous Steak seasoning, you’re not just cooking; you’re channeling the spirit of those who made Texas what it is today. Our seasoning does not overwhelm; rather it brings out the rich, robust flavors of the meat, ensuring that each bite is a taste of Texas history.

So, this National Texas Day, let’s fire up those grills, season our steaks with Goodnight’s Red River Famous Steak seasoning, and pay homage to the fiercely independent spirit of Texas. Whether you’re a native Texan or just a Texan at heart, let’s come together to celebrate the flavors and history of the Lone Star State.

Remember, in Texas, we don’t just eat steak; we celebrate it. Happy National Texas Day, y’all!

Goodnight’s Red River Spice Company – Bringing Texas History to Your Table

A delicious blend for a flavor balance that celebrates and is secondary to the meat’s own flavor, the most important flavor of all. Available in 1.5, 4, 8 and 16 ounces.