Sloppy Tacos Locos

A Tex-Mex take on the sloppy joe, this recipe takes the traditional taco and puts it between two hamburger buns. You can enjoy this way like a traditional sloppy joe, and you can also put the taco beef mixture on top of a beef patty and make it a real taco burger.

These recipes are inspired by two of my favorite restaurants.

San Loco, a Mexican hole in the wall the used to be across the street from Club Deuce in South Beach, because they had the most delicious taco burger ever (and they were also the inspiration for Red River Ridiculousness).

The other is the Dew Drop Inn on Old Shell Road in Mobile Alabama, who make the most delicious chili cheeseburger, with their awesome chili in the burger on top of the patty. Watch out, because they are closed on Sundays (which I didn’t know until the last time I stopped by on the way home from New Orleans).


Taco Loco Seasoning

1 lb ground beef

Monterey Jack Cheese

Red River Ridiculous Sauce

Hamburger Buns

1 can Hatch green chiles


Mix and knead together 1 lb ground beef and 2 tbsp Taco Loco Seasoning.

Place ground beef mix in pan on high heat and brown with the can of Hatch green chiles.

Toast the Hamburger Buns.

Press down on the center of the bottom hamburger bun and scoop the ground beef mix onto the bun.

Cover with shredded Monterey Jack cheese.

Add Red River Ridiculous Sauce.

Add red hot sauce, salsa, and/or Red River Ridiculousness.


Inspired by both old and new, we took an old authentic taco seasoning recipe and adapted it to make sure we could still get our fix for the delicious late night San Loco flavor that we lost when they closed their restaurant on South Beach in 2016. This is the real fourth meal, and is perfect for many different dishes, including tacos, burritos, and taco burgers Select regular or spicy at checkout. Available in 1.5, 4, 8 and 16 ounces.